Integrating Technologies

Technological avant-garde at the service of the user experience

The television has become a habitual and everyday apparatus, in most cases indispensable, with a wide presence in homes, hotels and shops around the world. Although it is the essential vehicle in terms of being able to view the television, in fact, the screen as such is not important. What is important is its content.


From the first mechanical receivers to modern flat TVs, there has been a whole world of different technologies and a constant evolution in appearance. The sector is experiencing a real boom due to the continuous appearance of technological innovations that are improving previous models.

Currently, smart screens connected to the network, and connectivity with peripheral devices, have opened a wider range of possibilities and options of use depending on one’s interest; a window to the world that offers information and entertainment for everyone.


In addition to watching standard programming and pay-per -view and on-demand television, today we all expect a TV that is much more than a simple screen, in order to make way for the smart TV.

Therefore, enabling wireless internet access or interconnectivity with different devices (HDMI, bluetooth, Wi-Fi …) are features that we expect as standard.


Nevertheless, our technological demand does not always go hand in hand with the aesthetic requirement, perhaps because for decades we have become quite accustomed to the television screen ‘forming part of the decoration’.

In environments where interior design takes on an exceptional role, ‘the horrible black stain of the screen’ remains an unresolved issue that, nevertheless, has easy and versatile solutions that adapt to the most demanding styles.


And, if we move from the residential to the professional environment, this ‘divorce’ between technology and aesthetics is even more evident, hotels that show off their stars, with premium interiors but in which the ‘black stain’ of the screen persists; Avant-garde companies, focused on the user experience, where cables are still visible while viewing a customer presentation on a screen that ‘interrupts’ the meeting room…


Examples could be numerous and the responses varied and tailored. As an example, Oculting proposals for the hotel industry – aside from putting emphasis on integration with the concept of premium interior design, with completely customized solutions of mirror televisions, in wall versions, freestanding or practicable and integrated – also incorporate state-of-the-art technology in line with the requirements and demands of these types of establishments and their guests.

Oculting’s advanced technology adds Samsung’s Hospitality Screens, as well as the easy and centralized content management of Lynk Reach.


We are convinced that the next evolutionary step of television will be the ability to access content without screens. Oculting technology somehow solves this need with infinite possibilities of integration for the most demanding interior design.


A long road begins with the first step, and every step we take reaffirms our conviction that there is a long journey ahead and many projects to realize, collaborating, as we have done until now, in interior creations, always with our basic premise, our leitmotiv: Don’t See. Just Feel.