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Wall-mounted mirror TVs that blend in anywhere

Wall-mounted mirror TVs

Essential Solution is ideal for any environment. With a wall-mount and unlimited frame customisation options, it adapts to any interior design to blend with the décor.We hide the technology for a pure viewing experience.


Aesthetics and functionality join forces in these mirror TVs with an infinity of possible frames and no size limitations. Equip the room with the latest features of a Smart TV with 4K. It features HDMI/USB ports with an option to add as many new ports as needed. The speakers and other accessories are also hidden in the mirror.

  • HDMI/USB ports
  • Smart TV / Hospitality TV
  • Range of sizes
  • HDTV – High-definition
  • Best in dim light
  • Choice of frames
  • Minimal installation
  • Hidden speakers
  • Smooth surface

Customise it

Prêt-à-porter designs that match your needs. Each product is fully customisable to let your imagination run free.

Frame ideas

  • FramelessFrameless
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SilverSilver
  • BaroqueBaroque
  • RusticNatural wood
  • CustomisedCustomised

These are merely suggestions and we can always find an option to fit your space. Chose the frameless version or any of the frames we offer in your colour of choice. The Essential Solution can be incorporated into any frame; simply tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.


Select the screen you want and mirror size you need.

  • 24”

    50×70 cm*

  • 32”

    60×85 cm*

  • 40”

    70×110 cm*

  • 48”

    80×125 cm*

  • 55”

    90×145 cm*

  • 65”

    100×165 cm*

  • 75”

    115×185 cm*

  • 85”

    125×215 cm*

*The minimum size of the mirror depends on the size of the TV screen.


One position may be better than another, depending on the TV’s intended use. Installation at the correct height helps provide perfect viewing. Choose where to locate your TV.