Integrating Technologies

A television and mirror, all in one

Oculting adapts technology to space. The way furniture is arranged in a room shouldn’t revolve around an appliance. By building the TV directly into the mirror, technology seamlessly blends within décor to create unique, balanced and versatile spaces.

Don’t see. Just Feel

We hide the TV for a pure viewing experience. We offer architects, interior designers and private customers the freedom to organise a space to their taste on contract, horeca, retail and home projects. Mirrors that match the interior design and turn into a Smart TV when on.

Limitless interior design

Every Oculting solution addresses a specific need: mirror TVs that are wall-mounted, free-standing, extendable, built into furniture or custom-made. This range of options ensures that we always provide the solution that best fits your project.

All options are customisable: choose the size of the mirror and screen, its placement and, of course, the design and frame. Please take a look at our buying guide.

You design it, we create it

We carry out a range of custom-made projects. We work hand-in-hand with professionals and clients to always find the ideal solution, from integrating a mirror TV into a wardrobe door to installations in museums, boats and airplanes.

The value of experience

Oculting is the result of JJ Fusters’ interest in improving how technology blends into spaces and furniture, which has led to more than 25 years of ongoing challenges for his designers. JJ Fusters decided to research and develop new integration systems for appliances and created Oculting for this purpose.
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High-quality technology

We incorporate Samsung’s Smart TV/4K screens into our mirror designs, including compatible hospitality screens with content management platforms.