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El Palace Hotel Barcelona, a unique hotel

Among the extensive hotel offerings, there are few establishments that manage to take you beyond your journey, transporting you to another era. Such is the case of the Palace of Barcelona, a living history and institution of the city.

The Palace, with its central location next to the Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas and Paseo de Gracia (the most prestigious commercial area of Barcelona) and its famous landmarks such as the Picasso Museum and the Sagrada Familia, stands in a majestic building built in 1919 at the initiative of the Catalan politician Francesc Cambó and the Swiss hotelier César Ritz, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a sumptuous decoration typical of the 19th century.

With remarkable character, it combines the elegance and solemnity that honour its style in an exceptional way, with the most modern technology in all its facilities, but reminiscent of a hotel from the beginning of the century.

Nowadays, since its recent renovation and modernization, carried out at the end of 2016 under the direction of the architect Josep Boncompte and his team, the Palace is probably the most exclusive hotel in Barcelona, unique for its architecture and interior design that together with its diverse and original offer, exquisite care for detail and its technological benefits, making it an inimitable establishment.


The hotel, faithful to its name, has opulent public and private areas with marble columns, ornate mouldings, luxurious upholstered seats and crystal chandeliers. The rooms are contemporary in style, some with Roman-style bathrooms, covered in mosaics.


Carefully restored antiques, nineteenth-century desks and chairs, special fabrics made from ancient patterns of 17th century Italian damasks, carpets handmade in India, Italian and French mirrors from the 19th and early 20th centuries, along with silver objects belonging to the historical collection of the hotel, forming a luxurious and comfortable space that evokes the great establishments of all time.

The Palace offers 125 rooms and 12 suites with lounge; a luxury spa with a pre-Hispanic sauna, traditional Mayan treatments and French cosmetics, banquet rooms, meetings and conventions with a large capacity, the famous Caelis restaurant, distinguished with a Michelin star, which is already an international benchmark, the unique Bluesman pub with live music programming and excellent cocktails and, among other facilities, a surprising large romantic garden on the roof of the building.


Customized Oculting Solutions

En este proyecto hotelero de restyling, Oculting ha participado en la mejora estética y tecnológica con la integración de la Essential Solution de Espejos con Tv, pantalla Hospitality Smart TV HE690 de Samsung, de 49” para las 12 suites y de 55” para sus 6 respectivos salones y gestor de contenidos centralizado Link Reach. La elección del tamaño de pulgada no es casual sino que se ha adecuado a la distancia óptima de visualización de cada espacio.

In this restyling hotel project, Oculting has participated in the aesthetic and technological improvement with the integration of the Essential Solution of Mirrors with TV, 49” Samsung Hospitality Smart TV screen HE690 for the 12 suites and 55″ for its 6 respective rooms and centralized Link Reach content manager. The choice of the inch size is not casual but has been adapted to the optimum viewing distance of each space.

The concern of the property and management of the hotel was that guests could enjoy a wide variety of television content with Smart TV to access the global network, quality sound and the option of interacting with other devices (smartphones, tablets, PC) through ports located in the key locations of suites and lounges, and through Bluetooth, without affecting the interior design of the establishment.

Also important was the remote and centralized management of Oculting mirror televisions to broadcast personalized messages from each suite, corporate content, hotel service information and city attractions, among other things.

The primary concept was to provide the hotel with state-of-the-art technology integrated into the space but without altering its classic and elegant aura, providing guests with an amazing experience.

To address the level of demand, the Oculting team designed the finishes of TV mirrors and other peripheral solutions requested in collaboration with Alfred Domótica, Axel Tecnología, JJ Fusters, Innova’s3 and Riembau.

The walls of El Palace have been the scene of relevant presentations and happenings of great companies, with well-known writers, photographers, designers, artists, intellectuals and the famous Gauche Divine of Barcelona. In its halls, since its beginnings, links and social acts are celebrated, carried out by the most distinguished of the Catalan bourgeoisie.

In one way or another, the Hotel El Palace has been part of the history and great events that the city has lived, hosting all the celebrities who passed through Barcelona. The hotel holds the secrets of such famous guests as Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Jordan Noor, Michael Douglas, Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood and Camilo José Cela, among many more.

The most outstanding of its guests, at the risk of transmitting his madness to the employees of the hotel with his multiple extravagances, was Salvador Dalí, who lived a long period at El Palace. Despite the commendable discretion of the hotel with its customers, some stories of the “Divine” ended up transcending his eccentric character, such as trying to climb a horse, a gift for his wife Gala, and the suite where he was staying, of which the hotel dedicates its name.

The Oculting team faces all the projects with the same enthusiasm and professionalism, but there is no doubt that projects like this, due to the aesthetic, historical and experiential character of the Hotel El Palace, give an emotional plus in the realization and reaffirm the growing trend of high decoration and interiorism integrating the screens to preserve the identity of the creations through Oculting technology, making them disappear to visualize contents only when needed.

There are places that leave their mark forever and El Palace Hotel is one of them.