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Amarre 69, tradition and modernity in harmony

La Barceloneta, despite having acquired a more modern appearance, still retains its special charm. Its narrow streets and facades tarnished by the salt of the sea have made this one of the most appreciated areas by tourists visiting Barcelona as it offers a seafaring and familiar atmosphere that seems to remain oblivious to the big city.

In this framework of a fishermen’s neighborhood, the interior design studio team of Piedra, Papel, Tijera, directed by Helena Puig, has completed this project strategically located one minute from the beach.

Amarre 69 is a gastrobar inspired by the seafaring customs, with a cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere where tradition and modernity have been fused with noble materials such as wood, iron and marble, in combination with elements of current design.

This is yet another project with both character and sensitivity, where the television screens have been integrated through the Oculting system so as not to break the aesthetic harmony and to mark differences.


At number 69 of the promenade Juan de Borbón, you discover its terrace at the foot of the street which invites you to sit down to share a table while you contemplate the coming and going of tourists visiting this part of the city.

Entering, with a nod to the classic bars of the La Barceloneta, the Carrara marble bar of the bar is visible, with a spike drawn, and industrial style hanging lamps.


The cork stools are the main protagonists, giving a sophisticated yet naughty touch. At the front of the bar, high tables and stools provide a less formal atmosphere, inviting people to interact and talk.

Then a large central cube dressed in wood scales, a tribute to the fishing district, which hides the kitchen and a corridor with a sequence of square gold tube lamps “accompanies you” up the stairs.

Going up, you enter the living room where a spectacular sofa, which covers the perimeter of half-stay, inviting you to share in group celebrations or evenings of soccer among friends. In front, an Oculting Mirror Television elegantly and subtly presides over the wall giving amplitude or content, when necessary.


The possibility of following your team in important competitions is another offer that, combined with the main activity of bar & restaurant, captures followers at certain moments generating consumption, ambience and complicity among its clientele.


The bathrooms, filled by blue surroundings, want to allude to the sea and the freshness of Barcelona, as well as to its beach.

Due to the characteristics of the activity, the owners considered the incorporation of television screens as necessary to offer content from time to time. Helena and her team of interior designers did not want the geometry of the screens and their characteristic black color to alter the chromatic range chosen for the perfectly harmonized interior design.

The option of mirrors with television turned out to be ideal so as to integrate the screens in an elegant and surprising way.

In projects like this, with a very marked character, is where you can see the difference between a premium interior finish, with a television mirror, or an ugly, large black screen imposing its strong image and hideous aesthetic dictatorship.

So much creative effort would lose its essence if it were to end up like any other bar, with a horrible screen hanging from the wall, presiding over the lounge, and with all the furniture pointing towards it.

Amarre 69 is a bar designed for relaxing appetizers that are stretched out with mojitos in the afternoon and gin-tonics at night, where terrace and interior are intended to connect, generate synergies and both environments coexist in harmony.

That is why we are pleased to collaborate in these types of projects by harmonizing interior creations in a totally complete and unique way, carried out with talent and sensitivity.

Because we are harmony. Don’t See, Just Feel!