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A hotel with magic in the eixample district of Barcelona

The hotel – located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district on 284 Còrsega street, next to Rambla de Catalunya and just a few meters from the emblematic Pedrera, occupies the main floor of a 1920’s building whose façade, with an elegant balustrade made of artificial stone and balconies of wrought iron, responds to the compositional canons of the late nineteenth century.

Its finish, discreet but very well proportioned, without excessive ornamentation and with a repetition and modulation of the full and the empty, is easy to recognize in the construction of this singular enclave of Barcelona.

Without any sign at street level, except for a label next to the doorbell, you would not know, unless you were looking for it, that the exclusive Boutique Hotel Ca La Maria it’s there. However, there is no question it is a place worth finding.


When you plant yourself in front of a building that houses a hotel establishment of these characteristics, the first thing that comes to mind is: “it cannot be otherwise”. If there is a management with soul, if there is an aesthetic sensibility, the logical thing is to preserve the identity that the architecture provides in order to accentuate the experience of the guest.

And that is exactly what they have done in this beautiful Boutique Hotel. We could define the concept as a kind of hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private house that brings together the best of both worlds, where they have clearly bet on maintaining its exceptional architecture: floors, ceilings, doors, windows… preserving all the original constructive details.

The interior design, executed with great sensitivity, evokes the atmosphere of the classic style of the time, with winks to the avant-garde, which intensifies the experiential aspect.

Its mission is not only to make guests feel the warmth of their own home, but also to allow them to discover the stimulating architecture and contemporary works of art, through sculptures, photographs and paintings by renowned artists that you find at every turn.

The hotel has six magnificent and singular rooms with their personality and own name: Canaletes, Montjuic, Eixample… María Inglada, architect, owner and hostess, tells us that each room is a different space, so much so that we will not find two identical rooms.


In the back you will be surprised by an incredible and enormous terrace where guests, taking advantage of our Mediterranean climate, can relax in the open air in some of the many garden nooks, all equally welcoming.

One of the main characteristics of this type of establishment is that the owners live in the hotel and interact with the travelers as though they were hosts. At the same time, guests can enjoy details, worthy of the best luxury hotels, but with a closeness that makes them feel at home.

In this unique setting, the choice of furniture and accessories has been fundamental in maintaining the balance of this space, with such exclusive interior design.

The choice of Essential Solution of Oculting Mirror Television for the rooms has contributed, through the integration of the screens, to conserve the spirit that the owner wants to transmit to its guests, and allowing you to believe while enjoying your stay that you belong to the bourgeoisie of the golden age of Barcelona modernism.

There are areas where constructive properties and interior designs with very categorical styles cannot in any way contain televisions swarming around, tearing apart its identity, which was so meticulously created.

The screen is an element with a very technologic aesthetic, where its appearance, geometry and black color are always present when it is not in operation. It is far from the decorative profile and spirit that one wants to convey in environments such as this characteristic Boutique Hotel.


Ca la Maria has magic, among other virtues, thanks to its privileged location, architecture and interior, as well as its gastronomic offer and the cultural events it organizes.

But above all, its magic resides in the professional management, the spirit of service, and the care for details that the ownership provides to its guests.

A perfect combination to generate a satisfying experience. Because after magnificent moments, unforgettable memories remain. Don´t See. Just Feel.