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Oftalvist, advanced technology in every way

Oftalvist, a company participated by the ASISA Group, has recently opened a new ophthalmological center in Madrid, the second in the capital. These modern facilities are located on 1 Juan Bravo Street and reflect the personality of the group on a national level.

The president of ASISA, Dr. Francisco Ivorra; The delegate in Madrid, Dr. Luis Mayero; And the national medical director of Oftalvist, Dr. Pedro Tañá, participated in the official inauguration ceremony attended by the main leaders of different companies related to ophthalmology and ocular medical technology.


Oftalvist today has more than 20 clinics dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of visual health, equipped with the latest technology, in the main urban centers of the country and also working together with more than eight hospitals, within its own network, located in the provinces of Alicante, Madrid, Murcia, Seville, Jerez, Valencia, Albacete and Lleida.

In Oftalvist there is a clear commitment to cutting-edge technologies, with a top-notch medical team and a rigorous commitment to service in the safety of all procedures, in order to offer all patients well-being and quality of life, improving their eyesight.

The firm stands out for its use of state-of-the-art lasers in refractive surgery, as well as in the use of premium lenses, which has meant a revolution in the surgical correction of problems that affect the visual capacity of its patients.


Parallel to the technological deployment of the medical field, the architect Marisa Marzal, the designer of the project, wanted to be consistent with the premise that the first impression we have of an organization conditions our opinions and the way in which we get involved personally or emotionally.

For this reason, it has been able to convey – based on maximum personalization – a cutting edge image and company values, which combine technology, precision, quality and safety.

“There is no second chance to make a good first impression.” This mythical phrase from the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel has been adopted by successful companies, knowing the importance of this aspect in the perception that the company generates through the details that make up its corporate image.


For that purpose, this Oftalvist Center – located in the Golden Mile of Madrid – has been equipped with facilities that occupy three floors, with 650 square meters dedicated to ophthalmological excellence.

Its interior style, furniture and accessories, designed specifically for the clinic, clearly demonstrate the seal of identity and quality of the Oftalvist group.


An exhibition of the aesthetic, visual and pampering character of the space, taking into account the nature of the activity, has been the permanent acquisition and exhibition of five canvases by uan Olivares, a Valencian painter of international prestige.

The treatment carried out using corporate interior design perfectly transmits the information about the business model that receives us. It impresses with its style and communicates that we are just at the beginning of something better.

But although aesthetics play a fundamental role in corporate differentiation, when it comes to modulating the appropriate message, it should never impose itself on the functionality. In design we must always safeguard the proper balance.

In this respect, an excellent result has been achieved by combining aesthetic, structural and functional factors, thus creating an optimal space for the work of medical professionals, as well as maximum comfort for patients.


The commitment to this project by the Custom Solution of Oculting, specifically designed for Oftalvist, offers information and corporate content to the public, collaborating for its elegant and surprisingly technological finish, in the company’s purpose of transferring the values of the group with respect to innovation, precision, quality and safety, emphasizing its image of prestige and avant-garde.

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