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Oculting in the sky of Calpe from Suitopia hotel

The Sol y Mar group has recently opened a new establishment, the Hotel Suitopia, in Calpe, with an innovative proposal of tourist and family accommodation, which adds to the natural charm of this corner of the Costa Blanca where enjoying the sun and the light is customary almost every day of the year.

With spaces designed by the studio of Xavier Pastor, this 4 star hotel has been designed expressly for the enjoyment of the whole family, with all the comforts of a luxury hotel so that you feel at home.

Just 50 meters from the beach of Arenal-Bol, Suitopía is already the tallest building in Calpe, introducing modernity in the urban planning of the city through its design and astonishing height.

The new hotel, with a stylized profile, the convex shape of its façade, with its blue and white Mediterranean hue, broken by subtle red strokes, creates a sensual stamp that tempers the impact of the concrete in the sky of Calpe.


In its 30 floors there are 232 rooms carefully kept up to the smallest detail. They are all suites, also called suitopias, 75 m2, with a separate living room, fully equipped gourmet kitchen and terrace with a stunning view of the sea.

Spaces with different ambiances where each member of the family will really feel comfortable, as its functional distribution allows the guests to access the different rooms of the suite, without disturbing others.

Among other renowned firms, the furniture includes functional and exclusive pieces designed by Patricia Urquiola, and in the hall stands a large mural by Javier Mariscal.

In addition to a video game area and a swimming pool complex for water recreation, the hotel has modern and extensive Thalasso Spa facilities that invite you to relax and enjoy the water circuit or its treatments with sea-inspired Himalayan salts, selected and applied by experts and trained hands, with everything necessary to realize the health care and well-being of the whole family.

Sky Lounge Bar, the jewel of the building

At a height of 110 meters from the ground and with a 360 degree view, the Sky Lounge Bar allows you to enjoy a diverse range of cocktails and drinks, contemplating through the windows arranged in its perimeter, the natural and urban territory of Calpe from an unusual perspective, a bird’s eye view.

On the 30th floor of the hotel, after crossing the threshold of the high-speed elevator door, the Mediterranean and the sky of Calpe open up before our eyes, through the windows that in the center of the room extend above of our heads.

In the frontal strip of this space, where if you look left and right the dimension of the building is appreciated, different areas of occupation have been created, delimited with elegance by the distribution of furniture, lamps and wooden structures designed as a separator, but without obstructing the diaphanous vision of this part of the Sky Lounge Bar.

A large oak table, elongated, with a large presence, like a bar counter, and comfortable stools on both sides, preside over the epicenter of the place, making it possible to meet other guests and forge new friendships.

The bar counter, built in stainless steel, attached to a large decorative column covered with textured glass, exposes an extensive selection of spirits, raw material for the elaboration of combinations and cocktails for all tastes. At one end of the metal bar, the Sky Bar logo, laser-cut and backlit, tells us where we are.

Attached to the central window, modular seats and different size poufs allow you to sit and feel the vertigo of the height, contemplating the sea behind the glass barrier.

On the outside, with exclusive views of the bay of Calpe and the Rock of Ifach, the comfortable furniture of the terrace stimulates bathing your body with rays of sun, ‘or moon rays’, evading the mind and sharing good moments in the open air accompanied by carefully selected music.

There are many services that travelers usually take into account when choosing a hotel: quality of service, a spa area or a renowned restaurant are important, but also a dream terrace and wonderful views leave an indelible mark on the guest. The Sky Lounge Bar, the jewel of the building, is that unique place that everyone will want to visit.

Ideal scenario for Oculting solutions

In this exclusive setting Oculting brings its technology while preserving the sophisticated character, style and aura of the Sky Lounge Bar’s interior, integrating Samsung’s 55 ” screens in an elegant and surprising way using mirrors with television, adding amplitude to the space and preventing the black geometry of the screens from altering the chromatic spectrum and narrative so carefully expressed by the interior design studio of Xavier Pastor.

In interior design projects where the identity and character of what the creative person wants to express and transmit (architect, interior designer, artist …) is sought, regardless of the trend, Oculting solves the need for integration of television screens – which bursts into the room with its geometry and black presence on stage – by preserving the balance and harmony of space, both classic and modern style finishes with all possible connotations, whether it be ethnic, Zen, minimalist, kitsch, vintage, eclectic, Bohemian, colonial etc.

Although the presence of the TV image is (still) rooted in the public, there is an increasing tendency to make the screen disappear from the scene so that we can enjoy creative freedom in interior design.

The sensitivity of the guests, who tend to be more demanding and the desire to fill their stay in the hotel with emotions and content, forces the hotel chains ton improve day by day, by differentiating themselves from the rest and offering their guests the highest degree of experiences.

Thus, in this chapter Oculting brings its grain of sand, offering a surprising experience to fully complete, and in an elegant way, the projects in which it is necessary to visualize contents through screens.

The TV mirrors in the Sky Lounge Bar, customized in size and performance, have been calibrated and designed for wall-mounted installation, with an assembly system that allows access to the rear, facilitating connectivity and access to the ports whenever necessary for its maintenance.

In this installation the sound, controlled from the mixer of the deejay’s cabin and launched by the high fidelity equipment of the premises, has been externalized so that it increases the benefits and sensory experience of the guests.

Once again, it has been a pleasure to do our bit and contribute with our solutions to improve the experience of the guests in this daring project of the Oltra family.

From the Sky Bar of the Hotel Suitopia of Calpe, where you can ‘touch the sky’, magical moments are augured, full of emotions, that will leave memories in the mind – and images in the social networks – with unforgettable sunsets or nights accompanied by music, stars and sea in a unique environment.

Don’t See. Just feel.