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Mirror tv Services, entertainment and culture

Services, entertainment and culture

Mirror TVs for retail, bars, spas, party rooms, gyms, exhibition spaces, casinos…

Oculting provides hospitality TV screens that display customised content that always caters to the needs of each business.

A mirror TV is the most elegant way to integrate content into a business. By simply turning on the TV your customers will go from seeing a mirror that blends into the décor to watching a screen with information about the business, special offers or a specific television channel.

Modern content display
Choose the ideal spaces to communicate with customers
Inform customers about services and promotions
The mirror TV adapts to your needs

The Oculting solutions are suitable for venues where it is necessary to focus attention on a particular spot. Integrate a TV with content directed to the public or with practical information about the centre and the exhibits without distracting visitors from the exhibition.

Mirror TVs help harmoniously integrate technology into areas that are particularly sensitive because of their artistic content.

Technology adapted to the venue’s atmosphere
Integrate into exhibitions
Customisation and flexibility