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Mirror tv Hotel Industry

Hotel Industry

Mirrors with integrated tvs for hotel rooms

Screenless tvs, a new concept for hotel room furnishing.

Behind a great hotel there is always a great team and a customer orientated strategy that takes care of details that can make the difference between just spending the night in a hotel room and a memorable experience.

In this context, Mirror TVs can have a surprise effect on guests, bringing technology and interior design together. They suit all kinds of environment, from luxury hotels with a classic interior, to modern resorts in paradise.

TVs integrated in mirrors are ideal in the rooms, but can also be a great solution in restaurants, receptions or communal areas. They allow us to provide guests with the information they need, without compromising the hotel’s exclusivity aura.

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mirror tv Hotel industry
  • Smart TV / Hospitality
  • Range of sizes
  • High Definition
  • Best in dim light
  • Choice of frames
  • Minimal installation
  • HDMI / USB ports
  • Smooth surface

Design and technology go hand in hand offering premium experience

We collaborate with interior designers, architects, artists and owners.

Oculting brings together Premium aesthetics with the latest Samsung display technology, which together with the centralised Lynk Reach and Lynk Sinc content management platforms, offer all the information and entertainment options that guests expect to find in a hotel room.

Personalised solutions

We can transform your ideas in reality. We support your projects to create unique innovative solutions to suit your hotel’s image and style.

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Oculting is the latest trend

State of the art design and technology for hotel interiors.

A new technology, amazing and elegant, completely adaptable to the hotel’s image and any future change of style.

Solutions for every need that benefit the layout, impress and improve guest experience and add value to the brand.

With state of the art hospitality technology and centralised content management.

An amazing experience for guests.

mirror tv Hotel industry
With Oculting, the “black screen” disappears.
mirror tv Hotel industry
The mirror TV for hotels brings harmony to the rooms.