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Mirror tv Homes


We integrate TVs into bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens…

The TV doesn’t have to be the focus of a room. The Oculting solutions directly build the TV into a mirror so that technology no longer becomes the focus of the space.

A mirror TV provides total freedom for interior design and makes harmonious and balanced rooms possible. You can equip any room with Smart TV/4K without affecting the décor simply by installing a fully customisable mirror.

Face the bed towards the window and place a tilted mirror to one side, build it into a mirrored wardrobe door, arrange sofas around a fireplace with a built-in mirror TV or solve an issue with space. The possibilities are endless.

Top view homes
For rooms that serve a dual purpose
Ideal for small spaces
The TV blends with the dining room’s décor
Adaptable to any type of room