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Hotel market, urban and charming

The Hotel Market is located in the peculiar neighbourhood of Sant Antoni which, despite its proximity to the center of Barcelona, still retains the soul and features of a small city, with its very own atmosphere, where restaurants proliferate and original shops and ‘hipster’ bars are frequented, to a greater extent, by a young and cosmopolitan public.

Its streets, where Barcelonians and travellers live together, have become the new gastronomic and trendsetting point of magical Barcelona. Proof of the relevance and attractiveness of this area is how the Albert and Ferran Adrià brothers have made the Sant Antoni neighbourhood their new target with the opening of several restaurants.


The name of Hotel Market honours its proximity to the most emblematic building in the neighbourhood, the Sant Antoni market. Built by Antoni Rovira i Trias at the end of the 19th century, it is one of the symbolic buildings of iron architecture in Barcelona and stands as one of the most important and largest in the city from that time, with an area of more than 5,000 m2.

Of great tourist attraction, the market, in addition to the 100 stalls with a great diversity of food products, has become very popular for its weekly fair specializing in antiques and the collecting of books, stamps, badges, stickers, posters, comics, etc.


After a thorough renovation carried out by the architecture studio GINA Barcelona Architects, on May 23 the Sant Antoni Market reopened its doors with a new image and facilities.

Hotel, dinners and drinks in an exceptional location

Designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán in the interior of the hotel, in a neoclassical style, they harmonize the diversity of elements where new, recycled furniture and upholstered pieces converge with exquisite pieces, giving the space its own identity.

Some wooden coatings, with Arabic and Byzantine features, seem to express themselves from the Tangier origin of their creator. The premeditated play of lights and shadows, that generate lamps and spotlights, complete the atmosphere that is lived in the restaurant, the cocktail bar and different rooms of the hotel, bringing a theatrical touch to the rooms.


Lázaro reinterprets trends and is inspired from all over, materializing daring combinations that convey a luxury that welcomes. This is an essential aspect in hotel projects, where guests seek to enjoy beautiful, comfortable and sophisticated spaces, but at the same time, transmit that necessary warmth when you travel far from home.


In the rooms, blacks and whites predominate, with natural wood floors and colonial style furniture that, as a whole, recreate a pleasant natural atmosphere. In the new rooms, in addition to the black and white, the color blue acquires relevance adding a Mediterranean touch to this recently inaugurated area of the hotel.


The hotel’s restaurant, very popular in the city and a landmark in the life of the neighbourhood, shows its own character with great success, as a result of the balance between gastronomy and interior design. It has an extensive menu that offers the possibility of enjoying Mediterranean market cuisine, prepared at low heat, with a base and touches of the latest trends.

With a select range of classic and signature cocktails, the Rosso Cocktail Bar and its terrace, on the ground floor of the hotel, offer the possibility of completing evenings in a space dominated by the color red, evoking the aesthetics and essence of the elite clubs of the Hong Kong of the 1930s.


Portobello Hall, a distinguished space of 150 m2, versatile and customizable for every occasion, is ideal for holding events, banquets, gala dinners, business meetings or a large party with guaranteed success, all supported by the know-how of the hotel staff.


Hotel Market, an announced success

In 2009, the New York Times classified Hotel Market, owned by the Andilana Group, among the TOP 100 hotels in Europe under $150 and described it verbatim: A well-kept secret, but probably not for long is the Market Hotel in Eixample. It’s modern, inviting and simply wonderful.


Since 1958 this hotel group has been establishing the bases to become what it is now, a wide and varied offer of restaurants and hotels with a national and international presence.

His professional career of more than 50 years in the hospitality sector makes him deeply aware of the needs and experiences that customers request to enjoy the stay in a hotel or eat in their restaurants, and the importance of taking care of the details when you need to organize an event.

Its exclusive locations, careful interior design to create immersive and comfortable atmospheres, excellent service and quality / price ratio, define the establishments of Andilana Hotels & Restaurants Management that, at present, manages 6 hotels and 35 restaurants in different cities.


Oculting, premium experience at the Hotel Market

The mirrors with Oculting television for the hotel rooms have been manufactured adjusting themselves, both technically and aesthetically, to the particular specifications of the project, offering new and fascinating possibilities that allow the establishment to optimize its brand image and operational efficiency.


Guests of the Hotel Market in Barcelona already enjoy the entertainment offered by Oculting mirrors with integrated Samsung Smart TV to watch TV channels, watch movies, check notifications and view the contents of their mobile, offering an elegant and surprising experience.

In Oculting we create technology so that the hotel industry can manifest its character and corporate identity by transmitting its style and authenticity without interference, harmonizing the television screens with the interior style of the hotel rooms.

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