Integrating Technologies

Hidden technology, transparent communication, and service vocation

The accumulated experience in a sector, the direct and continuous treatment with customers and suppliers and the constant updating of market innovation are in the origins of our brand, Oculting, which was conceived to respond to a need verified in the day-to-day of our work. With the same premises of being up to date, providing solutions and sharing experiences, our blog is now online!

The know-how of JJ Fusters, a company specializing in carpentry and custom-made cabinetmaking, with nearly 30 years experience in the sector, are in the origins of our brand, Oculting. The daily work with architects and interior designers, at the service of the clients, has led to continuous research and development efforts in order to provide the best solutions at all times.

The tyranny of some elements: columns, windows, doors, appliances … is a constant challenge for professionals who seek the optimal way to put everything in place, sharpening their creativity to achieve the best balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Oculting was born out of one of these challenges, the need to integrate technology into spaces and furniture, to make the television exist but not be noticeable, to have value for its contents and not for its casing. In a short space of time, since its presentation on the market, just over a year now, Oculting is enjoying great acceptance.

Manel Cisa, Managing Director of Oculting, comments in this regard that “we continue to collaborate with JJ Fusters for the advice and production of all our projects, which are developed in our own workshops, equipped with the most advanced technology so that we are able to not only launch projects based on the needs of our individual customers, but also in the service of hotel groups, leisure establishments, companies …, being equipped with an infrastructure capable of producing large quantities in a very short time.”

From the outset, Oculting was conceived as an independent and global project, withits own identity working side by side with our communication agency. With the claim “Do not see, just feel,” the essence of the brand is embodied in the simplest way: hide the superfluous to enhance the experience. Oculting makes it so the TV is not seen nor is it an aesthetic obstacle, yet it is present when we want it to be, to enjoy its content, without other obstacles in sight.


The debut of Oculting in a relevant sector fair, Interihotel, and the reception of the professionals to the solutions that our brand provides, has impelled us to release our blog in which we have spoken exceptionally about ourselves because in the words of Cisa, “our purpose is to bring value from these lines, sharing innovation, bringing trends, clarifying doubts … in short, talking about the things that interest us, who we are in the world of interior design and decoration, both in the residential and business sector.

Just as our products do, without any aesthetic impositions, that is how we would like our blog to be, open and pluralistic, so your participation will always be welcome, waiting for you to share your comments, suggestions, and points of view from the comment section that, from now on, will be at your disposal.